The Robert A. Day 4 + 1 Program

About The Program

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The Robert A. Day 4 + 1 BA/MBA Program is an accelerated alternative to the traditional route to an MBA. Rather than interrupting a career to pursue an MBA degree, Day 4 + 1 students begin taking MBA courses during the senior year at CMC. These highly motivated students graduate from CMC with their undergraduate classmates before completing the MBA in a fifth year of full-time study at Claremont Graduate University's Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management.

The Day 4 + 1 Program consists of three components: the strong liberal arts foundation of undergraduate study at CMC, the advanced application skills and professional focus enhanced by the MBA coursework, and intensive work experience gained through two summer internships. Acknowledging the importance of work experience in management education, the summer internships are constructed so that students gain real-world experience, while gaining exposure to a variety of issues in the practice of management.

Robert A. Day 4 + 1 BA/MBA Program students are rewarded for participating in the program by saving a year in time and tuition and by preparing themselves to progress rapidly into jobs with managerial responsibility.