The Robert A. Day 4 + 1 BA/MBA Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I study abroad and still complete the Day 4 + 1 program?

Yes. Most Day 4 + 1 students spend a semester studying abroad. The Day 4 + 1 Program is designed so that students can enjoy all of the options available at CMC. We encourage students to take their semester abroad in their sophomore year, but there are students who travel abroad as juniors and still complete the program.

Can I complete a double major?

Yes. It requires planning to make sure that all of your requirements are met for both majors, but there are students who complete the program with a double major from CMC.

Do I have to take classes in the order laid out in the recommended course of study?

No. These are guides to help you when choosing your classes. We encourage you to coordinate your general education and undergraduate major requirements with your faculty advisor. The section indicating the recommended curriculum lists the required classes, but there is a high degree of flexibility in the order in which classes are taken. We recommend that you arrange your classes to prepare yourself for your summer internships. Planning your classes is a collaborative process.

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