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From CMC to Entrepreneurship: Business Opportunities in the 1990s
Thursday, February 12, 1987

Following January visits by Julie Dillon and Al Osborne, the Athenaeum's 1987 series on entrepreneurship continues on Thursday evening, February 12, when "Buzz" Woolley '59, trustee and the father of Michelle Woolley '90, addresses the subject, "From CMC to Entrepreneurship: Business Opportunities in the 1990s."

After working for IBM, Mr. Woolley started a series of businesses, ranging from information processing to real estate development. For the past 12 years, he has headed Girard Capital, a San Diego-based venture capital company that provides financing and management assistance to other entrepreneurs. Girard has aided early stage companies in such fields as computer peripherals, artificial intelligence, advertising, banking, ceramic packaging, and electronic components.

In addition to his business activities, "Buzz" Woolley is on the steering committee for the Technology and Entrepreneurship program at the University of California, San Diego, where he also teaches a course, "How to Start a Business." From the Athenaeum's inception, "Buzz" Woolley has been one of its most generous benefactors, and it is consequently a special privilege for us to have him share his insights with us.