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The Fateful Choices Before Israel
MONDAY, MARCH 13, 1989

The Athenaeum hosts Yehoshafat Harkabi on Monday, March 13, in a continuation of the Arab-Israeli series funded by the Henry M. Jackson Foundation. Professor Harkabi visited CMC two years ago in an appearance at the Keck Center for International Strategic Studies. Since that visit, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has taken a remarkable turn. It will be interesting to learn Professor Harkabi's thoughts on the situation in his presentation, "'The Fateful Choices Before Israel."

As former head of Israeli military intelligence and intelligence adviser to several prime ministers, Professor Harkabi made his reputation as a meticulous analyst of Arab writings on the Middle East conflict. He has written 17 books.

Be sure to join Professor Yehoshafat Harkabi at the Athenaeum for his 7:00 address, following a 5:30 reception and dinner.