First Woman to Ski to the South Pole

To refocus the remarks by Ann Bancroft, the first
woman to go overland to the North Pole, the
Athenaeum is pleased to present Shirley Metz, the first
woman to ski to the South Pole. After graduating from
the University of Hawaii, she worked for three years as
a professional scuba diver in shark research with the
University of Hawaii's oceanography department.
Upon moving to California, Ms. Metz became an owner
and developer of Hobie Sports. She also works as a staff
writer for Action Sports and Outdoor Retailer magazines,
and is the producer and anchorwoman for an educational cable television program in Orange County.

In January 1988 she traveled to Antarctica and
produced an educational film about the continent and
its wildlife. Later that year she went on a 750-mile,
two-month expedition to the South Pole, becoming the
first woman to reach the South Pole by overland travel.
She is also among the six first Americans to reach the
pole. On March 12, 1989, the Soviet Union awarded Ms.
Metz with the prestigious Polar Award, making her the
first woman in Soviet history to receive this distinction.
She is currently editing the film footage of the expedition, writing a book, and continuing to give
presentations about her journey, as well as addressing
environmental issues related to Antarctica. She recently
returned from New Zealand where she helped promote
an international radio campaign, "Save the Future."

If you would like to join Shirley Metz at the
Athenaeum for an inspirational lecture, please return
the attached coupon. Remarks begin at 7:00, following a
5:30 reception and 6:00 dinner.