Poland 1989: Democracy Triumphant?

Dr. Andrzej Korbonski, a distinguished Polish-American scholar, is the first speaker in the Keck
Center and Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum lecture
series entitled "The Future of Communism in Europe
and Asia."

Dr. Korbonski was born and raised in Poland. During
the Second World War he joined the Polish underground army to fight against Nazi Germany and spent a
year in a prisoner of war camp in Germany. After the
war he received his BS degree in economics from the
University of London and his PhD in public law and
government from Columbia University.

Presently Dr. Korbonski serves as director of the
prestigious Center for Russian and East European
Studies and is a professor of political science at UCLA.
He is also the co-director of the RAND-UCLA Center for
the Study of Soviet International Behavior.

During his most recent visit to Warsaw last August
and September, he observed the historic unfolding of
Poland's domestic and foreign affairs.

His speech begins at 7:00, preceded by a 5:30
reception and 6:00 dinner.