Vietnam: 25 Years Later

Robert Scalapino is Robson Research Professor of
Government and director of the Institute of East
Asian Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.
He is also editor of Asian Survey, a scholarly, monthly
publication that circulates throughout the U.S. and

Dr. Scalapino has written numerous books and
articles on Asian politics and U.S.-Asian policy. His
most recent books are Asia and the Road Ahead (1975), The
Foreign Policy of Modern Japan
(1977), The United States and Korea:
Looking Ahead
(1979), The Japanese Communist Movement, 1920-1966 (1967), Modern
China and Its Revolutionary Process
(1985), and Major Power
Relations in Northeast Asia

Dr. Scalapino has visited Vietnam many times since
1958. He believes that the devastating and tragic results
that one sees in Vietnam today are the outcome of the
non-communists losing the war, and that U.S. policies
contributed to that loss.

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