The Naked Truth: Advertising's Image of Women

The ad shows a casually dressed man, one hand in
his pocket, the other holding onto the leg of a
scantily clad woman lying on her back at his feet. The
caption reads: "Cotler's Pants-For the Right Stance."

It is only one of many slides to be shown by Jean
, an expert on sexism in advertising, during
her Athenaeum visit. Dr. Kilbourne, a visiting scholar at
Wellesley College, discusses how advertisements are
often a powerful form of cultural conditioning. Specifically, she will address the stereotypes of the demented
housewife, the fierce and unfeeling man, the playboy, the superwoman, the seductive little girl, and the male
sex object. Dr. Kilbourne's presentations have delighted audiences at colleges, community groups, and businesses nationwide.

Dr. Kilbourne comes to the Athenaeum with a
message: "Advertising does serve to sell products, but
advertising also serves to sell values. It offers products
as a solution to life's problems. It tells us that happiness can be bought."

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attend the dinner and reception before the 7:00 address.