A Woman's Right to Choose

Eleanor Smeal is well-known throughout the United States as an advocate for women's rights. She is founder and
president of The Fund for the Feminist Majority, which is sponsoring the Feminization of Power Campaign, a
national effort to inspire unprecedented numbers of women to seek leadership positions, to promote a national feminist
agenda, and to heighten awareness of the feminist majority. Smeal has served as president of the National Organization
for Women (NOW). She was one of the sponsors of last April's March for Women's Equality/Lives in Washington,
D.C.- the largest march in the history of the women's rights movement for keeping abortion safe and legal. In addition,
she worked to defeat four statewide anti-abortion referendums, and developed an aggressive legal strategy against the
leaders of the anti-abortion movement, with the goal of ending violence and harassment at women's health centers.

Smeal's leadership has been acknowledged by
many well-known publications. In 1983 she was
chosen by the World Almanac as the fourth-most
influential woman in the United States; she was
named by Time magazine as one of the "50 faces for
America's Future" in 1979; and she was featured as
one of the six most influential Washington lobbyists
in U.S. News & World Report.

Eleanor Smeal graduated from Duke University
and received her master's degree from the University
of Florida. She is married to Charles Smeal and has
two children.

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