The Pro-life Feminist View

Rachel MacNair, pro-life activist, is currently
president of Feminists For Life of America (FFL),
founded in 1972. FFL is a group of 2,000 members
dedicated to securing the right to life, from conception
to natural death, of all human beings. It seeks legal and
social equality for all persons, regardless of sex, and
supports a Human Life Amendment and an Equal
Rights Amendment. Since 1987 MacNair has participated in more than 50 radio interviews and talk shows
around the country. She has been quoted in The New
York Times, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco
Examiner, Mother Jones
, and National Review.

Rachel MacNair graduated from Earlham College in
1978, and in 1986 received a Paralegal Certificate at
Rockhurst College. She is the mother of a one-year-old son.

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