A New Model of Nature

The Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum is pleased to join
the Phi Beta Kappa chapter in presenting Richard
, whose talk is titled "A New Model of Nature."
Dr. Westfall is a professor of history and philosophy of
science at Indiana University. He is the author of Science
and Religion in Seventeenth Century England
(1958), Force in
Newton's Physics: The Science of Dymanics in the Early Seventeenth Century
(1971), The Construction of Modern Science (1971),
Never at Rest: A Biography of Isaac Newton (1980), and he is
co-editor of Steps in the Scientific Tradition: Readings in the
History of Science and Foundations of Scientific Method: The
Nineteenth Century
(1968). Currently Dr. Westfall is working on
a social history of the scientific community of the 16th
and 17th centuries. A Yale University graduate. Dr.
Westfall has received grants or fellowships from the
National Science Foundation, ACLS, NEH, and the
Rockefeller and Guggenheim foundations.

There will be a 5:30 reception, 6:00 dinner, and Dr.
Westfall's lecture will begin at 7:00. Return the enclosed
coupon to the Athenaeum, if you wish to join us for