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International CMC Student Panel

Have you ever wondered what is really within a CMC student? Are we as homogenous a student body as is sometimes proposed? Of course not, but come to the Athenaeum and find out for sure. For the first time ever, the Athenaeum invites you to an international dinner followed by a panel of three CMC international students: Alexander Joseph, Alex Neves, and Ivan Svitek.

Alexander will tell us about life in Ethiopia as an airline pilot prior to coming to CMC. He will also focus on some misconceptions that the U.S. has about his country, as well as his observations about similarities and differences between Ethiopians and North Americans. Ivan will tell us about his amazing escape from Czechoslovakia and how he views the changes occurring in Eastern Europe. Alex, from Brazil, will describe daily life in his country and tell us what they do for a good time Brazilian-style.

The reception for this special event begins at 5:30, and will be followed by an international banquet, featuring foods from Ethiopia, Czechoslovakia, and Brazil. If you are interested in attending this first-time-ever event, please return the coupon to the Athenaeum.