The U.S. Automobile Industry in the 1990s

Maryann Keller is a highly respected automobile
analyst. She is also a widely read columnist for
business trade publications and appears regularly on
PBS' "Wall Street Week," as well as morning news
shows discussing the current state of affairs in Detroit.

Her book, Rude Awakening: The Rise, Fall, and Struggle
for Recovery of General Motors
, was published by William
Morrow and Company in 1989. This book takes a hard
look at the once-unparalleled leader of an Industry-General Motors-a company that defines in microcosm American industry in the 1980s and how that industry
must approach the 21st century.

Although Ms. Keller is a severe critic of the Big
Three-and GM in particular-she frequently speaks
before gatherings of Detroit executives. It was she who
first warned that the Japanese threat was far more
serious than the Big Three were willing to admit.

Maryann Keller is a managing director and automobile analyst with the brokerage firm of Furman Selz
Mayer Dietz and Birney, Inc. Prior to that Ms. Keller
was a first vice-president at Paine Webber Mitchell

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