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Public Figures and the Humanities: My Prince

Edward Gould, member of the board of trustees of CMC and chairman of the board of governors of Gould Center, gives the second lecture in the series, "Public Figures and the Humanities." This series is devoted to "chats" by public figures, who will show the relevancy of the humanities to their careers and development. Under the title "My Prince," Mr. Gould discusses Machiavelli's The Prince (1513) and the pertinence of Machiavelli's arguments in the modern world.

Mr. Gould, a private investor, graduated from CMC with a degree in political science in 1965 and from Northwestern University with an MBA in 1967. He became vice president at First National Bank of Chicago in 1977, and has also been in charge of Citicorp Securities in Los Angeles. Mr. Gould has been active in the CMC Alumni Association and became a member of the College's board of trustees in 1988.

At the Gould Center for Humanistic Studies, Mr. Gould has encouraged the growth of its curricular interests, in particular the new Gould seminar, which this semester is titled "Diversity in America."

Please join us in welcoming a Renaissance gentleman-Ed Gould-alumnus, trustee, educator, and businessman. If you wish to join us for dinner, please fill out the reservation form.