The New European Structure

Dr. Franz Cede, the Austrian consul general, has
just returned from a summer in Europe. He is
eminently qualified to tell us his first-hand impressions
on what is happening in Europe today: the new
German structure, the effects of the Middle Eastern
crisis, and Austria's place in this new Europe of the

Franz Cede was born in Austria in 1945, attended
school in Innsbruck, and graduated from the University
of Innsbruck Law School. He followed his law degree by
studying for two years at the Johns Hopkins School for
Advanced International Studies (one year in Bologna,
Italy, the second year in Washington, D.C.). In 1972 Mr.
Cede joined the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
He has been assigned in Paris and Rabat and has been
the Austrian ambassador to Zaire. He is currently the
Austrian consul general in Los Angeles.

Ambassador Cede is the first in a series of speakers
sponsored in conjunction with the Keck Center, "The
United States and Europe in the 1990s." He will be
followed by Peter Gourevitch (also noted in this
Fortnightly) and Ladislav Venys from Czechoslovakia on
November 8. If you would like to join us for the
reception and dinner preceding Dr. Code's address,
please use the coupon in this Fortnightly.