A Republican View of the November Election

The Athenaeum is pleased to host Republican
National Committee co-chairman Jeanie Austin. In
response to Lynn Cutler's DNC perspective, Austin
presents the GOP perspective on the upcoming November elections. Austin offers us her views on the key
issues that will help determine the election's outcome
and the future of the Republican party.

As the nation's number two GOP leader under Lee
Atwater, Austin will be working toward the party's
ultimate goal: majority status by the year 2000. She has
actively promoted grassroots participation through
direct candidate recruitment, voter registration, and
party fundraising, in both her home state of Florida and
with the RNC. Previous to her RNC co-chairmanship,
Austin served for four years as chairman to the
Republican party of Florida. During her tenure in office,
fundraising rose from $1 million to $6 million and
Republican registration increased by 53 percent.

As a major spokesperson for increasing women's
participation in politics, Austin has developed training
seminars, including "Women Who Win: How to Speak
Out As a Republican Woman Leader."

Known for her tough-talking spunk, Jeanie Austin
promises to give us a no-frills view on party politics
from the inside. Please fill out the enclosed reservation
form, if you would like to join us for the 5:30 reception
and 6:00 dinner.