Our Valuable Planet

An Australian native, Dr. Helen Caldicott first came
to international prominence during the accident at
the Three-Mile Island nuclear power facility. Her book,
Nuclear Madness (1990), had just been published, released at a
chillingly appropriate time. Since then Dr. Caldicott has
become one of the most outspoken activists for environmental hygiene in the 20th century.

Physicians for Social Responsibility, an organization
of which Caldicott was a founding member, was
awarded the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize for its work to end
the Soviet/American nuclear arms race. However, as the
threat of superpower conflict and nuclear war are
relegated to the back burner of public concern, Dr.
Caldicott continues her fight for the environment
through grass roots activism. Her focus now turns to
ozone layer depletion and the greenhouse effect.

In addition to Nuclear Madness (1990), Dr. Caldicott's works
include the 1984 publication, Missile Envy, and the 1982
Academy Award-winning film, If You Love This Planet.

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