Grassroots Education in America

The Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum welcomes back
Althea Burrell for our alumni series titled "Risks
and Rewards."

The crisis in American primary and secondary education has reached phenomenal proportions, with
perhaps the greatest effects being felt in public schools
and inner cities. Althea is an individual who has sought
to effect change by actively participating in the education of her community, Watts. Graduating from CMC in
1988 as a literature major, Althea took a year off before
completing her degree to teach at Jordan High, her alma

Currently she works as the Watts district manager in
charge of education services for World Book Encyclopedia.
Her primary focus has been to get children to read, and
to encourage parents to provide their children with the
motivation to do so. She believes that academic interest
starts with motivation from home. In addition to this
job, Althea does community-based volunteer work at a
counseling center for battered and alcoholic women. By
teaching these women to read, Althea helps them gain
new self-confidence in their abilities.

Althea Burrell has taken an unusual path as a
graduate from CMC. Her recent activities bear witness
to her deep concern for others and a desire to give back
to her community what she feels it has given to her.
Please join us for what promises to be an inspiring
evening by filling out the enclosed reservation coupon.
The 5:30 reception and 6:00 dinner will be followed by a
7:00 address.