The Ethics of American Youth

Michael Josephson has been called "the locator of
missing corporate souls, the fanner of the flame at
the grave of the honest politician, [and] the last man
you'd want to meet at the gates of heaven." Mr.
Josephson is one of several speakers in "Ethics in the
1990s," a series sponsored by the Salvatori Center and
organized by CMC's own Leslie Bailey and the Philosophy Colloquium.

A graduate of UCLA and the UCLA law school, Mr.
Josephson was a law professor for almost 20 years at the
University of Michigan, Wayne State University, and
Loyola, Los Angeles. In 1987 he left academia to devote
himself to the work of the Joseph & Edna Josephson
Institute for the Advancement of Ethics, a public
benefit, nonprofit corporation he founded in honor of
his parents.

As president of the institute, Josephson actively
improves the ethical quality of society by teaching and
advocating principled reasoning and ethical decision
making. Through its programs and publications, the
institute offers today's leaders in business, government,
journalism, and education practical insights into ethical
issues. Josephson's philosophy focuses more on behavior than on research and theory, and emphasizes the
need to reach particularly those individuals in positions
of power, helping them to recognize and realize their
own potential to make a positive difference in the

Mr. Josephson's speech, titled "The Ethics of
American Youth," begins at 7:00, following a 5:30
reception and 6:00 dinner. Please return the enclosed
coupon to reserve your seat for dinner.