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Perspectives on the Middle East

The outbreak of war in the Gulf has brought the Middle East to the forefront of media attention, but many in the U.S. know very little about the history, culture, and customs of its peoples. To alleviate that shortcoming, we have a valuable resource: our international students. Thus, we begin our first international student panel of the year with a discussion on the Middle East with three CMC students.

Amir Navab is a sophomore international relations/ economics major who was born and raised in Iran for eight years before he moved with his family to London. He speaks on Iranian culture and the social and historical differences between Persians and Arabs.

Khalil Mohammed Soodi is a freshman economics major. His mother is American, his father Moroccan, and he lived his entire life in Tangier before coming to CMC. He focuses on the perspectives of Middle Eastern and developing countries towards the West, as well as the Arab mentality and its conflict with Western culture.

Mohammed Zayed is a senior economics/accounting major. He came to the U.S. from Egypt at five years of age, but visits and maintains contact with the rest of his family residing in Egypt. He looks at the Moslem religion and culture, the position of Egypt in the Middle East, and Egyptian attitudes towards the West.

Each student will speak for about 15 minutes, with a question-and-answer session to follow. We encourage you to take advantage of the three different perspectives offered by asking questions about the Gulf crisis and any other relevant subject.

Remarks begin at 7:00, preceded by a 5:30 reception and a 6:00 dinner. Please fill out the enclosed reservation coupon to attend the dinner.