The Challenges of Ethnic Diversity

Asians in the United States have historically been
much slower to develop political organizations
than other ethnic minority groups. This is often attributed to discriminatory laws that prevented Asian
immigrants from becoming naturalized citizens until
1952. In fact, Asian immigration was minimal until
President Johnson signed the 1965 immigration law.
Asian nations had previously been restricted by exclusion and quota laws dating back to the late 1800s.

In April 1990 Judy Chu was elected mayor of
Monterey Park, a city in which 39 percent of the voters
are Asian. She is the only Chinese-American woman
mayor, and one of only two Chinese-American mayors
in the United States. In November 1985 Chu had been
elected to the Garvey School District Board of Education, and in April of 1988 to the Monterey Park City Council as the candidate with the highest number of
votes. She is considered one of the Southland's most
prominent and promising Asian politicians.

Dr. Chu has a PhD in clinical psychology, and is a
professor in the psychology department at East Los
Angeles College. Having taught classes in Asian-
American studies at UCLA and Cal State University
L.A., she has also published many articles on topics
concerning Asian-Americans. She co-authored and co-
edited the book, Linking Our Lives: Chinese American
Women of Los Angeles

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