Ethics in Journalism
MONDAY, MARCH 11, 1991

The Athenaeum, the Salvatori Center, and the
Philosophy Colloquium are pleased to present an
address by Sergio Munoz as part of the continuing
series, "Ethics in the 1990s."

Mr. Munoz, the executive editor of La Opinion, was
born and raised in Mexico City. He was a philosophy
major at the National Autonomous University of
Mexico. Following graduation, Mr. Munoz studied at
the London School of Film Technique and became a
director in the film advertising business. Mr. Munoz has
an MA from the University of Southern California and is
a doctoral candidate there. This creative journalist has
also taught, from kindergarten to college classes, both in
Mexico and in the United States.

Since 1979 Sergio Munoz has been associated with La
, an American newspaper written in Spanish
and published in Los Angeles. The aim of this paper is
to inform a community that in large measure has been
ignored by the press, or has been seen as a problem
community. La Opinion does not deny the dilemmas
faced by Hispanics, but the paper aims to reflect the
numerous dimensions of this diverse community.

In addition to his duties at La Opinion, Mr. Munoz is a
commentator on a weekly television program and is a
soccer coach.

Please join us for a timely address on the ethical role
of the journalist. If you wish to attend the reception and
dinner, please fill out the reservation form.