California Water Wars

The Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum is proud to
welcome one of the foremost researchers on water
resources in America's West. Marc Reisner is the author
of Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing
(1986), which chronicles the history of the West's water,
land, and the people who populated it. He is also
coauthor, with Sarah Bates, of Overtapped Oasis: Reform
or Revolution in Western Water Policy

Cadillac Desert was listed by Library Journal and
Publisher's Weekly as one of the 12 best nonfiction books
published in 1986. Mr. Reisner was nominated for the
National Book Critics' Circle Award and Bay Area Book
Reviewers' Award for his work; many national magazines and newspapers, such as The New York Times,
Washington Post
, and the Los Angeles Times, have
featured articles by him.

Mr. Reisner received his BA in history and politics
from Earlham College in Indiana. In his first year after
graduation, he was a dairy and sweet corn farmer in
Massachusetts. From 1973-1979, he served as the staff
writer for the Natural Resources Defense Council and
was special projects coordinator for the Council on
Population and Environment in Washington in 1971
and 1972.

His current work-in-progress includes a profile of an
undercover wildlife agent and a history of North
American wildlife. If you would like to join Mr. Reisner
to share his insights on the "California Water Wars",
please fill out and return the enclosed coupon.