The Importance of an International Perspective

CMC has many prominent and influential alumni
around the world effecting change, making a
difference. Stuart Ho '57 is one of those alums. He has
been actively involved in government, law, and

After Mr. Ho graduated from CMC, he served in the
U.S. Army for two years, and then enrolled in law
school at the University of Michigan. He first practiced
law in New York City; in 1965 he went to Hawaii to
practice, but soon became involved in politics. In 1966
Mr. Ho was elected to Hawaii's House of Representatives. He held office for two terms, through 1970.

Mr. Ho's father, Chinn Ho, was one of the first
Asian-Americans to break through the white missionary
establishment in Hawaii, and, as a result, formed
Capital Investment of Hawaii, Inc. in 1947. The company sparked much development in Hawaii, and under
Stuart Ho's leadership has grown from an office
building in Guam, to a community called Peacock Gap
in Marin County, California, to the Great Wall Hotel in
Beijing. Mr. Ho, as chairman of the board, president,
and CEO, has dynamically led Capital Investment.

Mr. Ho also spends much time outside the business
world, as a trustee of The Asia Foundation and the
Chinn Ho Foundation. His involvement in education
includes service on CMC's board of trustees. Mr. Ho is a
recipient of the CMC Alumni Association's Distinguished
Achievement Award.

Please join us in welcoming Mr. Ho back to CMC by
filling out the enclosed reservation form and returning it
to the Athenaeum.