The End of History Reconsidered

The Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum, the Lowe
Institute, and the Keck Center are pleased to
sponsor Dr. Francis Fukuyama's visit to Claremont
McKenna College where he will deliver a speech
entitled "The End of History Reconsidered." Dr.
Fukuyama is a consultant to the RAND Corporation and
to the policy planning staff of the U.S. State

Fukuyama was born in Chicago and was educated at
Cornell University. In 1981 he received his PhD in
government from Harvard University, with emphasis
on Soviet foreign policy and Middle Eastern politics. He
served as senior staff member at the RAND Corporation
and as deputy director of the policy planning staff at the
State Department (1989-1990).

Dr. Fukuyama's publications include Gorbachev and
the New Soviet Agenda in the Third World
(1989), The Soviet Threat
to the Persian Gulf
(1981), The Soviet Union and Iraq Since 1968 (1980),
and The Soviet Union and the Third World (1987) (coedited with
Andrzej Korbonski). He is widely known for his highly
acclaimed article "The End of History?" which appeared in The National Interest (Summer 1989). Dr.
Fukuyama has just completed a new book entitled The
End of History and the Last Man

Dr. Fukuyama's lecture will start at 7:00 p.m. The
reception and dinner are already full.