International CMC Student Panel

The Athenaeum is proud to announce its second
International Student Panel of the year. We have
with us three international students who represent a
broad array of experiences from three distinct geographic areas.

Constantinos Koshis is a freshman government/
philosophy major and a native of Nicosia, Cyprus. He
has lived in Cyprus most of his life, in Greece for one
year after the Turkish invasion in 1975, and has studied
in France and Switzerland. Before coming to CMC,
Constantinos was a second lieutenant in the Cyprus
Army from 1987 to 1989. Constantinos will discuss
Cyprus' recent history, the Turkish invasion of Cyprus,
and the impact the invasion has had on his country.

Mahntie Reeves is a junior originally from Liberia. He
was born and raised in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia,
until age eleven, when he moved with his family to San
Diego. Mahntie will discuss the historical relationship
between Liberia and the United States, Liberia's recent
political upheavals, and the impact U.S. policy has had
on Liberia.

Carlos Westerman is a freshman originally from
Mexico. He lived in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, until the
age of sixteen, when he began his studies in the United
States. Before coming to CMC, Carlos went to high
school in Newport, Rhode Island. Carios will discuss
the differences between Mexican and American culture
and will attempt to break some of the stereotypes
Americans have of Mexicans.

Each student will speak for about 15 minutes, with a
question-and-answer period to follow. A 5:30 reception
and 6:00 dinner will precede the 7:00 discussion. Please
join us for the opportunity to learn about the different
backgrounds of fellow CMC students by returning the
enclosed reservation coupon.