An Evening with Susan Butcher

Dogsled racer Susan Butcher is one of the most
adventurous, enthusiastic, tenacious, and successful women in America today. Ms. Butcher is the
four-time winner of Alaska's grueling Iditarod dogsled
race, a 1,158-mile trek across snow-covered central
Alaska. The race record is 11 days, 1 hour, and 53
minutes, and it belongs to Susan Butcher.

In her thirteen Iditarod races since 1978, Ms. Butcher
has placed in the top 10 eleven times, with three 2nd
place and four 1st place finishes (two of which were
record-breaking). In addition to being the first person to
win three consecutive Iditarods, Ms. Butcher holds
many other records for shorter races such as the
Beargrease, the Coldfoot, and the Kusko. In all of her 18
long-distance races since 1984, she placed 1st ten times,
2nd seven times, and 3rd once. In addition, she and a
fellow musher were the first and only people to take a
dog team to the summit of Mt. McKinley, North
America's highest peak, at 20,320 feet.

Recently, Ms. Butcher was named one of the Ten
Outstanding Young Americans by the United States
Junior Chamber of Commerce for her personal
accomplishments and civic contributions. Her achievements have also been recognized by both former
President Reagan and President Bush.

As a professional "musher," dog breeder and trainer,
and veterinary technician, Ms. Butcher lives with her
husband, a lawyer and musher, 140 miles northwest of
Fairbanks with their 150 Alaskan huskies. Susan will be
accompanied on her visit to CMC by her lead dog,

Please join us at the Athenaeum for what is sure to be
an evening filled with adventure. As a special tribute to
Ms. Butcher, dinner will include Alaskan delicacies
including King Crab, salmon, and strawberry rhubarb
pie. To reserve your space for the 6:00 dinner, please fill
out and return the enclosed coupon. This special dinner
is reserved for CMC students, faculty, and staff;
however, the 7:00 presentation is open to all.