Road to Potsdam and After

The Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum is proud to
welcome Dr. Valentin Berezhkov. Dr. Berezhkov
was the founder of Moscow's most authoritative journal
of American affairs, issued by the Institute for Study of
the USA and Canada. As its editor, he played a
prominent role in the struggle for glasnost and perestroika
in the USSR. Now 70 years old, he has stepped down as
editor and has been named senior researcher of the

Dr. Berezhkov has a Ph.D. in history and has had a
long and spectacular career as a Soviet diplomat. As a
young foreign service officer, he was assigned to Nazi
Germany and served as an interpreter for Molotov with
Hitler. He was also Stalin's interpreter at the Tehran
and Potsdam conferences. Dr. Berezhkov is probably
the only man alive who took part in these conferences
with Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin.

He has written numerous articles and books, including Diplomatic Mission to Hitler (1965), With Stalin in
, Road to Potsdam (1978), History in the Making (1983), and
Problems in Soviet Foreign Policy. Last year, a television
film based on his life and experiences was made in
Moscow, and portions have been shown in the United

Dr. Berezhkov has visited the Claremont Colleges
numerous times for lectures. In 1986 he addressed an
overflowing crowd at the graduate school and stimulated lively discussion. Please join us for dinner and his
lecture by returning the enclosed reservation form.