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Beethoven's Ninth Symphony Preview

This fall the great, majestic Ninth Symphony of Beethoven will be presented for the first time under the auspices of The Joint Music Program. Two of the ensembles of the Colleges, the Claremont Chamber Orchestra and the Concert Choir, are working this fall toward the concert which will be presented in Bridges Auditorium on November 8. Joining with the colleges' musical groups will be singers from five different community music organizations in Claremont and the College Choir from Occidental College.

The Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum will host the conductor of this concert, Michael Deane Lamkin, as he discusses this work of Beethoven in both its historical and present-day context. Using recorded excerpts of the Ninth Symphony and slides of Vienna, Lamkin will give a concise presentation in preparation for the concert.

Besides Mr. Lamkin, who is professor of music and has been with the colleges since 1977, there will be two student speakers from Claremont McKenna College, Karen Manfield '94, sophomore, and Adam Hiller '93, junior. Both of the students will discuss their work as members of the ensemble preparing for this concert.

Please join us in an enlightening presentation of Ludwig van Beethoven in his historical and present-day context. Please fill out the enclosed reservation form and return it to the Athenaeum so that you may enjoy a special Viennese dinner prior to the presentation.