Public Figures and the Humanities: My Dante

The Gould Center for Humanistic Studies welcomes
Steven L. Hallgrimson '64 to CMC to deliver the
third talk in this fall's "Public Figures and the Humanities" series. The program features public figures' discussion of the impact that enduring works in the
humanities have had on their own personal and
professional growth. Mr. Hallgrimson will speak on
what the works of Dante Alighieri have meant to him.

Following his graduation from CMC in 1964, Steven
Hallgrimson attended Boalt Hall, University of California at Berkeley, graduating in 1968. A partner in the San
Jose law firm of Hallgrimson, McNichols, McCann &
Inderbritzen, Mr. Hallgrimson is a major stockholder
and director of Celluphone, Inc., a Los Angeles-based
wholesaler of cellular telephone equipment and an
agent for Pacific Telephone. Hallgrimson and two law
partners also own and operate the hotel and recreational
facilities in Bear Valley, which includes 350 acres of
cross-country skiing, cattle operations, ice skating,
mountain biking, and other facilities attached to the
downhill ski resort.

Mr. Hallgrimson has taught at San Jose University for
a number of years in the Graduate School of Business.
He has also lectured extensively to continuing education
classes for both lawyers and CPAs in the real estate and
tax areas. He is currently participating in Stanford's
continuing education program in a class entitled "Humanism and the Renaissance."

6:00 dinner that precede Mr. Hallgrimson's 7:00 p.m.
address should complete the enclosed reservation form
and return it to the Athenaeum.