Desert Storm-Desert Peace: An Overview

Last year the eyes of the world were glued to the
television screen as the cataclysmic events in the
Middle East unfolded-the invasion of Kuwait, Desert
Shield, and finally Desert Storm, culminating in the
West's attempt to establish a new world order. Now,
nearly a year later, the world is still waiting to see what
shape the new Middle East will take.

The Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum is proud to
present, in cooperation with the International Relations
Program and the Keck Center, the Desert Storm-
Desert Peace series to review what really happened last
year. Four world-class specialists will investigate how
the situation developed and what we can expect in the
future. The front page of U.S. newspapers has turned
its attention from this eternally war-torn region; this
series will give us a chance to catch up on the area's
latest developments.

Our series will open with William B. Quandt, senior
fellow in the Foreign Policy Studies Program at the
Brookings Institute. Before coming to Brookings in 1979,
Dr. Quandt served as a staff member on the National
Security Council. He is an expert on the Middle East,
American policy toward the Arab-Israeli conflict, and
energy policy.

Dr. Quandt received his B.A. in international relations
from Stanford University and his Ph.D. in political
science from MIT. His books include The United States
and Egypt: An Essay on Policy for the 1990's
(1990), Saudi Arabia in
the 1980's: Foreign Policy, Security, and Oil
(1981), and Decade of
Decisions: American Foreign Policy Toward the Arab-Israeli
Conflict, 1967-1976

During 1987-88, he was president of the Middle East
Studies Association. Currently he is a member of the
Middle East Institute and the Council on Foreign

Please join us for the opening of this provocative
series. Return the enclosed reservation slip for the 5:30
reception, 6:00 dinner, and 7:00 talk. Questions will be
fielded, as always, after the talk.