CMC Growth Debate: Should We Grow or Should We Stay?

CMC's campus has been abuzz with rumors about expansion for months
now, yet many students are unsure as to what the real issues are. Will
enlarging the size of the student body affect student quality? Will the
mission of the College change? Will new dorms be built on Parent's Field?
The ASCMC Executive Board and the ASCMC Senate are proud to present a
debate on the topic of enrollment growth that will answer these questions
and raise many more. CMC Professor of Government Ward Elliott and
CMC President Jack Stark '57 will argue the negative and affirmative
respectively, and respond to your questions as well, in a debate that will
surely be talked about for years to come. Whether you have followed the
issue closely, or have no opinion about growth at all but want to learn
more, please fill out the reservation form below and return it to the
Athenaeum. Dinner will begin at 6:00, followed by the debate at 7:00.