Legal Questions Facing Us Now

One of the most reliable resources available for
insight into the rapidly changing state of affairs is
The Wall Street Journal. The Marian Miner Cook
Athenaeum and the Lowe Institute are proud to
welcome Gordon Crovitz, the editor of the Journal's
editorial page.

Mr. Crovitz has been with the Journal since 1980,
when he was a summer intern on the editorial page. He
returned in 1981 as an editorial writer. In 1982 he was
founding editor of the editorial page of The Wall Street
Journal Europe
in Brussels. He took up writing for the
domestic paper two years later. In 1986, he joined the
editorial board and was appointed to assistant editor.

Mr. Crovitz's weekly column, "Rule of Law," has
gained much acclaim, earning him the 1990 Gerald Loeb
award and the New York State Bar's highest honors for
commentary. Crovitz wrote extensively for the Journal
concerning Clarence Thomas. In addition, he co-edited
the book, The Fettered Presidency: Legal Constraints on the Executive Branch (1989), published by the
American Enterprise Institute.

After graduating Phi Beta Kappa from the University
of Chicago in 1980, Mr. Crovitz studied at Wadham
College of Oxford University on a Rhodes scholarship.
To do so, he had to decline a Marshall scholarship. He
returned to the states to earn his law degree from Yale
University in 1986.

Please join us for the reception, dinner, and Mr.
Crovitz's presentation by returning the enclosed reservation form. It is his job to have an opinion on legal
matters, so bring vour questions.