The New Soviet Union

The Soviet Union is changing on a daily basis.
Unfortunately, most of the news that we Americans
have access to tells us very little of the "business side"
of the Soviet Union. Robert Lees is a businessperson
who can give us this insight. Mr. Lees is president of
Pacific InterTrade Corporation, an international
marketing and consulting company in Westlake Village,
California, that works with U.S. manufacturers to
develop projects and product distribution abroad. The
company is involved in the Soviet Union, Japan, China,
and Latin America.

Mr. Lees is a career internationalist and has conducted
business in more than 30 countries. He has held
management positions with the Corning Glass
Company in New York, Latin America, Singapore, and
Japan. Before founding Pacific InterTrade, he was vice
president of marketing at Security Pacific Trading
Corporation in Los Angeles. His international business
experiences include acquisitions, joint ventures, marketing, and countertrade transactions.

Mr. Lees has a master's degree in international
management from the American Graduate School of
International Management (Thunderbird) and the
Institute of International Studies and Training at Mount
Fuji in Japan, and he is a summa cum laude graduate in
international economics from the University of

Mr. Lees frequently speaks at universities and before
business groups on international business topics. His
articles have been published in several leading magazines and newspapers, and he is often interviewed on
radio and television regarding international trade.

Mr. Lees will join us at 5:30 for a reception, followed
by dinner at 6:00. The speech will start at 7:00.