The Spirit of John Muir

Imagine an America where the wilderness was still
intact and untamed, where the papers weren't
plagued with the perils of pollution, and anyone could
roam free of the fear of encountering a mini-mall or
cheesy gift shop. Imagine the America of John Muir,
father of the environmental movement. Lee Stetson
recreates this more pristine past in his monologue "The
Spirit of John Muir."

John Muir was born in Scotland and immigrated to
the wilderness of Wisconsin at the age of eleven. In
1867, he walked from Kentucky to Florida, keeping a
journal, the first of many. The next year he moved to
California and caught his first glimpse of Yosemite.
From then on, he struggled to get federal control of
forests, Yosemite in particular. He climbed Mount
Shasta and Mount Rainier, explored the glaciers in
Alaska, and even led President Theodore Roosevelt on a
personal tour of Yosemite. His adventurous spirit
developed into a camaraderie with the land around him.
Mr. Muir saw Yosemite declared a national park. Later
he founded the Sierra Club, an organization that
continues to speak out on behalf of the environment.

Mr. Muir published accounts of his adventures. From
these Mr. Stetson developed his monologue. Mr.
Stetson has been portraying the adventurer for over
eight years. His exploration into Muir's life has inspired
him to become active in the environmental movement.
He has performed as John Muir more than five hundred
times. Stetson also takes visitors on weekly walks
through Yosemite, giving them a glimpse of the park
through Muir's eyes.

Don't miss this opportunity to relive the roots of
environmentalism and hear the tales of America's
premier adventurer. Dinner will be served at 6:00
following a 5:30 reception. Mr. Stetson's performance
will begin at 7:00.