New Ways to Reproduce

Annually the Tau Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa joins
the Athenaeum in hosting a noted academic
speaker. This year we are pleased to present Clifford
, professor emeritus of biological science and
public policy at the University of California, San Diego.

Dr. Grobstein was appointed professor and chairman
of the UCSD biology department in 1966. Two years
later he became dean of the developing UCSD Medical
School, serving in that capacity until 1973 when he was
appointed vice-chancellor for university relations. He
returned to teaching and research in 1976 as professor of
biological science and public policy, focusing on analysis of public policy issues arising in connection with
rapidly advancing biomedical science.

Prior to teaching. Dr. Grobstein was an experimental
embryologist at the National Cancer Institute and at
Stanford University. He has served as president of the
American Association of Zoologists and the Society for
Developmental Biology. In addition, he was elected to
the National Academy of Sciences, the American
Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the Institute of
Medicine. He is the author of The Strategy of Life (1965), The
Double Image of the Double Helix: The Recombinant-DNA Debate
(1979), From Chance to Purpose: An Appraisal of External Human Fertilization (1981),
and, most recently, Science and the Unborn: Choosing Human Futres (1990). He is
currently completing a book to be entitled The Cosmic

Please join us for Dr. Grobstein's speech, "New Ways
to Reproduce," discussing how technological advances
in reproductive biology and medicine will affect our
future. Return the enclosed reservation form to join us
for dinner at 6:00. His presentation will follow at 7:00.