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Dinner Theater
As You Like It by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare is dead but his plays do not need to moulder with him! Under the Lights has spiced up Shakespeare's savory play, As You Like It (1598), so that it addresses the issues which interest us: gender, community and diversity and, of course, love. Shakespeare's flavorful text remains, but we have banished the phony Elizabethan accents, silly looking tights, and off-key lutes back to the museum where they belong. Our all-CMC production will whisk As You Like It into the post-modern era where consumerism, political correctness, and apathy all vie for our minds and souls. This easily digested play will be accompanied by the fine Athenaeum dining and a student composed and performed musical score. The evening promises to satisfy even the most discerning palates, despite the fact that a few CMC professors-cum-hams will make acting cameos! Reserve your place now for the most appetizing and innovative theater fare in Under the Lights history. As You Like It opens Thursday, April 2nd and continues on Friday, April 3rd at the Athenaeum with a special brunch performance on Sunday, April 5th. The Sunday event will take place in Badgley Garden at 11:45 a.m.-a full barbeque lunch will be served by Marriott beginning at 11:00 a.m.; donations for the play will be accepted; please bring a blanket or lawn chair to sit upon.

Prices for Dinner Theater

CMC student with meal card $5.00
CMC student, faculty, and staff without meal card $7.50
All other students, faculty, and staff $10.00

(The Athenaeum subsidizes everyone at the above prices)

Community persons and all others $15.00
Play only (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights-Sunday donations accepted at the play) $3.00

Prices for Sunday Lunch Theater

Students from The Claremont Colleges with reservation and meal card number- No charge
All others $6.50