Today's Germany

The world was watching when the Berlin Wall came
down, and when East and West Germany were
finally united after being severed for a half-century. The
reunited state is now the center of a new Europe. What
is the situation in today's Germany?

This question will be addressed for us by Andrew
, a Washington-based correspondent specializing in European affairs. We can be assured of a realistic
picture; in fact, Mr. Nagorski has a track record of
confrontations with countries ranging from Poland to
the Philippines due to his commitment to telling an
accurate story. In 1982, for example, the Soviet Union
cancelled his credentials as Newsweek's Moscow bureau
chief and expelled him from the country for making a
number of reports that ran against the party line. He
went on to become bureau chief in Rome, and then in
Bonn, Germany.

Mr. Nagorski chronicled his Soviet experiences in the
book, Reluctant Farewell: An American Reporter's Candid
Look Inside the Soviet Union
(1985). He received the Overseas
Press Club award in 1979 for best business reporting
from abroad for his cover story, "Japan vs. the World."
Mr. Nagorski's visit is co-sponsored by the Keck Center
for International and Strategic Studies.

Please join us for this talk by an accomplished
international journalist. Turn in the enclosed slip to
make reservations for the 5:30 reception and 6:00 dinner
before the 7:00 program.