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Reading from "Idoru"

William Gibson is considered one of the foremost science fiction authors today. His books have dared to revolutionize the way that we perceive the future and innovatively combine daily life with technology.

Gibson's groundbreaking novel, Neuromancer (1984), coined the now popular phrase cyberpunk. This 1984 book won Gibson the Hugo, Nebula, and Phillip K. Dick Awards, and earned him the reputation of being "science fiction's hottest author." The popularity of his collection, Burning Chrome (1986), led to the film adaption of his story, Johnny Mnemonic (1995).

Praised for his stark realism, gritty language, and fast pace, Gibson has truly become one of the most visionary science-fiction writers ever. Although his books are set in the future, they are singularly contemporary in outlook. In the preface to Burning Chrome, Bruce Sterling explains that his short stories "paint an instantly recognizable portrait of the modern predicament [and show] the hidden bulk of an iceberg of social change."

Please join the Athenaeum for this first public reading from William Gibson's newly completed work, Idoru (1996).