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From Claremont to the Himalaya: Climbing Personal Eversts

Michael Graber '74 has a heart for adventure and an eye for cinematography. The avid climber's love of mountains, including Mount Everest, which he has climbed numerous times, led him to pursue a career in which he could share the sport's beauty with the world through articles and photography.

Although he began as a climber for ABC's program American Sportsman, Graber soon moved to the other side of the camera. He has worked on a number of a winning documentaries, including Antarctic Odyssey (1988), Surviving Denali (1993), and Extreme Games (1995).

Graber covered the war in Afghanistan for CBS News. His love of the natural environment has taken him all over the world to shoot the outdoors' most awesome events. The cinematographer has gone on to found Michael Graber Productions, which has helped in the production of several IMAX films and such recent hits as Endless Summer 2 (1994), Crimson Tide (1995), and Twister (1996).

Graber's films, informed by his outdoor adventures, capture the realism of nature. One of Graber's recent adventure films, Keepers of the Coast (1996), recently received a silver Cindy award and a bronze from Worldfest Houston. Michael Graber graduated from CMC in 1974 with a degree in philosophy. During his time at the college he played football for the Stags and received the Most Valuable Player designation his senior year.

Michael Graber will share life experiences in a lecture and slide presentation as part of the Athenaeum's alumni series The Winning Spirit in Sports and in Life.