Post Election Commentary

A the November election beckons, prognosticators have been giving odds on which candidates will win, the
impact of President Clinton's problems on national politics as well as specific races, and what issues will be
important to voters. Until the election results are in, however, the pundits are merely speculating.
Fortunately for those of us here at CMC, we can listen to what analysts predict prior to the election and then
hear from our own faculty once the results are in.

The Athenaeum has assembled a panel of four distinguished CMC professors from opposing political camps
to discuss the meaning and significance of this year's elections. They will analyze specific races and
comment on national trends and how the national political landscape has changed or remains the same.

Professor Mark Blitz is currently chair of the government department and is responsible for overseeing
research conducted at the various institutes on campus. He is a former staff member of the Senate Foreign Relation Committee
and Associate Director of the United States Information Agency. Professor Jack Pitney is also a member of
the government department and CMC's resident political pundit, appearing frequently in print media, as
well as on radio and television. A former Congressional Fellow, Pitney was also research director at the
Republican National Committee.

Professor P. Edward Haley has taught at CMC for 30 years. though most of his work has focused on
international issues, Haley has a profound interest in domestic politics as well. Professor Judith Merkle has
taught at the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Oregon, and for the last sixteen years, at
CMC. In addition to her work in public administration, she is also an international best-selling novelist.