Podlich Distinguished Fellow

Darwin's Ancestors and Descendants

Michael Ghiselin is one of the pioneers of modern
evolutionary theory. His unique interdisciplinary
approach has brought together philosophy,
economics, history, and biology in a synthesis that
promises to make biology the historical science that Darwin
envisioned 150 years ago.

In his recent magisterial Metaphysics and the Origin of
, (SUNY 1997), Ghiselin addresses one of the fundamental
problems that confronts biology and evolution-the definition
and relation of individuals and species. Ghiselin argues that
species are not kinds of organisms but wholes composed of
organisms-individuals in the broadest ontological sense.

The recipient of a 1981 MacArthur Prize, Professor Ghiselin
has long been recognized a leader in the philosophy of biology.
His 1969 landmark The Triumph of the Darwinian Method,
received the Pfizer Award of the History of Science Society. A
Senior Research Fellow at the California Academy of Science, he
is also the author of Intellectual Compromise: The Bottom Line (1989) and The
Economy of Nature and the Evolution of Sex
(1974). In addition to
dozens of articles in various fields, Professor Ghiselin is editor of
the journal Bioeconomics and of the CD-ROM, Darwin (1997).
He joins us at Claremont McKenna College as a Podlich
Distinguished Fellow for the month of February.