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Romantic Apocalypses

John Beer is one of the preeminent scholars and critics of English romanticism. Renowned for its great depth and immense scholarship, Beer's work has shed light on some of the most complex and vital poets-Wordsworth, Blake, and Coleridge-and revealed the power of poetry to transform the thought of its day through its visionary pursuit of truth.

John Beer is Emeritus Professor of English Literature at the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Peterhouse. He has written Coleridge the Visionary (1959); The Achievement of E.M. Forster (1963); Blake's Humanism (1968); Blake's Visionary Universe (1969); Wordsworth and the Human Heart (1979), Wordsworth in Time (1979); Coleridge's Variety: Bicentenary Studies (ed.) (1974); Coleridge's Poetic Intelligence (1977); and Romantic Influences: Contemporary-Victorian-Modern (1994). Professor Beer has also edited Coleridge's Aids to Reflection (Collected Coleridge) (1993) and his Poems (1993).