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Under the Lights Presents

Dinner Theater
The Real Thing by Tom Stoppard
Dinner and Play at 6:00 p.m.

Tom Stoppard's The Real Thing (1982) won several 2000 Tony Awards, including Best Revival of a Play. This beautifully written work, first performed in America in 1984 (a performance which won the Tony for Best Play) examines issues of love and truth in relationships, love, marriage, and sex.

The story follows the trials and tribulations of a playwright and his actress wife as they leave their current relationships to pursue marriage with each other. He is ever faithful while she finds herself occasionally straying, perhaps only to test him, perhaps because she has not yet found happiness or the truth in love, or perhaps because she is still struggling to find the "real" thing. The couple works through these struggles in the hope of realizing the truth of the nature of love despite infidelity, jealousy, and other relationships that threaten to disillusion them. In their relationship with each other and in their relationships with the other people in their life, both characters attempt to find themselves as well as the truth in love. The work takes a refined, fresh, and honest look at love in all of its various forms. The Real Thing abounds in wit, insight, love, pain, and truth, and comes from the hand of a skilled playwright and master of human emotion. Brilliantly written, The Real Thing attempts to answer the age-old question of "what is love?" The question of whether it succeeds or not is left for the audience to answer.

The Real Thing is directed by Beth Brunner '06, and the cast includes Joanna Marks '07, Greg Gallagher '07, Annie Fairman '07, Dave Mistysyn '05, Alex Hwang '08, Ariel Boorstin '07, and Jules Dormady '08. The play does contain some adult humor and scenes and seating will be limited so sign up early. This Dinner Theatre production is made possible by Under the Lights, the Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum, and ASCMC.

Claremont Colleges students, faculty, and staff- NO CHARGE
Community guests- $17.00 per person

Seating will be festival style and is limited. Sign up as soon as possible, circling your first, second, and third chioce of date. You will be contacted if your first choice reservation date is unavailable.