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A Matter of Trust: Attachment Relationships with Other-Than-Mothers

Carollee Howes, nationally and internationally recognized child care researcher, is director of UCLA's Center for Improving Child Care Quality. Her research focuses on children's experiences in child care, their concurrent and long-term outcomes from child care experiences, and efforts to improve child care quality. Professor of education at UCLA, Howes has been the principal investigator on the National Child Care Staffing Study, the Family and Relative Care Study, the Cost Quality and Outcomes Study, and the Then and Now Study.

Active in public policy for children and families in the county, state, and nation, Howes is advisor to the current National Study of Child Care in Low Income Families and the National Head Start Families and Children Experiences and Random Assignment Studies. She co-chaired the California State Task Force on School Readiness in 1987-88 and served on the more recent Universal Preschool and California School Readiness Master Plan Task Forces. She served on the 1998-2000 National Research Council Panel on Pedagogy for Early Childhood Education.

Carollee Howes' Athenaeum lecture is sponsored by the Berger Institute for Work, Family, and Children.