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Lunch Theater
Friends and Foibles by LAUREN MIKOV '07
LUNCH 11:45 a.m., PERFORMANCE 12:00 p.m.

Friends and Foibles (2007) is a satire of college life in the style of a British Restoration Comedy. Fiona, a freshman, is excited by the new college world of parties, drinking, and hooking up. Her protective older brother Ronan, a junior, discovers her at a party and forbids her from trying to enjoy her newfound freedoms. Fiona and her roommate Sophie devise a way for Fiona to get around her brother’s ultimatum. Meanwhile, a notorious senior named Sylvester’s reputation for using and abusing the girls of the college is so well known that no girl will succumb to his seduction, not even the naïve freshmen. To solve this problem, he and his best friend Broden come up with a plan to make the female population of the school have a personal interest in Sylvester’s well-being.

For students attempting to “find themselves” in college, and graduates who already have, Friends and Foibles provides a witty look, full of both romance and debauchery, at the struggle between the person we show to the outside world, and the person we really are.

This performance is a staged reading of Friends and Foibles, written and directed by Lauren Mikov ’07 as her Senior Thesis. The cast includes Lindsay Mandel ’09, Kestrel Arps ’09, Emily Miles SC ’07, Colin McDonell ’08, Daniel Curtis ’07, Court Hoang PO ’10, Michelle Buch SC ’07, Freya Lee ’09, Brendan Sasso ’10, Lauren Harrell ’09, Matthew Filippo ’10, Rebekah Binns ’10, Elise Viebeck ’10, Musab Siddiqui ’10, Rebecca Offensend ’08, and Brian Davidson ’08.