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Claremont Colleges Debate Union: America Should Prefer Negative Campaigning
AARON CHAMPAGNE '10, moderator

In a survey of campaign conduct, the Institute of Global Ethics found that “more than eight in ten voters say attack-oriented campaigning is unethical, undermines democracy, lowers voter turnout, and produces less-ethical elected officials. And 60 percent are ‘very concerned’ that candidates attack each other instead of discussing the issues.” But research also indicates that voters react positively to negative campaign advertising, information, and tactics – negativity may increase voter participation in the electoral process. It is certainly the case that candidates and political consultants do not shy from ‘going negative.’ As political organizations, government officials, and the public work to improve campaigning, should reforms emphasize that candidates and campaign consultants adopt strategies that are more respectful or more effective? Please join members of the Claremont Colleges Debate Union for a lively debate on the topic, “America should prefer negative campaigning.” The audience will have an opportunity to engage participants during a comment and question period during the debate. Heckling is also encouraged.
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