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An Evening of Arabic Poetry Reading and Recitation

Bassam Frangieh is a self-described lover of poetry. “Poetry reflects the identity, culture and history of Arabs,” he said. Moreover, “repeated verse changes consciousness and views, as it is the rejection of everything ugly in life.” For his reading at the Athenaeum, he will include the modern poetry of Nizar Kabbani, Abdul Wahab Al-Bayati, Mahmoud Darwish and Adunis. He will read in Arabic and two students will provide the English translation.

Bassam Frangieh came to CMC as Professor of Arabic in the Modern Languages Department this fall to start up a new program in Arabic language. Raised in Syria, he graduated from Damascus University in Syria with a degree in Arabic Language and Literature. He received his Ph.D. from Georgetown University and also taught there. He most recently taught for fourteen years at Yale University where he was a Senior Lecturer and Director of the Modern Languages Program. Professor Frangieh has translated many poems and novels and has also written literary criticism.