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Latinos in the United States: A Continental Quest for Democracy

The keynote address in this year’s recognition of Latino Heritage Month will be presented by CMC alumnus Francisco Vazquez '72. In his lecture Dr. Vazquez will explore the political philosophy of Latinos in the American continent and their struggle for democracy.

His presentation is based on the premise that English Americans and Latin Americans have a common political cradle. While focusing on the incorporation of Mexicans, Cubans and Puerto Ricans into the United States, he will discuss the role of Latinos in the U.S. and propose the concept of a “Continental American.”
Francisco Vazquez is Professor of History of Ideas at the Hutchins School of Liberal Studies and Director of the Hutchins Institute for Public Policy Studies and Community Action at Sonoma State University, where he has been since 1990. He attended CMC when it was still a men’s college, and graduated with a degree in philosophy in 1972. He then went on to complete an interdisciplinary doctoral program in philosophy, history and literature from Claremont Graduate University, and received his Ph.D. in 1977.
He is the author of Latino/a Thought: Culture, Politics and Society (2002), a well recognized text in the field that has a second edition due in January 2009. Vazquez has also published numerous publications including The Political Economy of Culture and the Birth of a Civil Society after NAFTA (1997) in established journals of social theory. The New England Resource Center for Higher Education, NERCHE, selected him in 2003 for an Honorable Mention Award, Ernest A. Lynton Award for Faculty Professional Service and Academic Outreach. He is on the Board of Directors of Community Action Partnership.