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The Biotech Rebelution: Inspired by Nature

Michael D. Black MD, MBA, a R.S. McLaughlin Scholar, has been Chief of California Pacific Medical Center Division of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, and Surgical Director of the Adult Congenital Heart Surgery Program since 2003. Dr. Black has operated upon thousands of children since 1993 and has always maintained the highest quality of care throughout his career. Dr. Black was previously the Chief of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery at Stanford University and an initial investigator at Stanford University’s BioX. Since 1993, he has been awarded more than a dozen patents for his innovations in the field of robotics, innovative medical devices and minimally invasive surgical endeavors.

Dr. Black was named “the Best Thoracic Surgeon” for the past ten years by the country’s physicians as reported in San Francisco magazine and awarded the Computerworld Medal of Honor Achievement in Medicine in 2002. His unique program attracts patients both nationally and internationally. Dr. Black received his MBA in 2008 from the Haas School of Business Berkeley and was nominated the Turner Fellow in Entrepreneurship and was the class valedictorian. Since graduation, Dr. Black has founded several companies that are delivering innovative products to improve the lives of millions.